About JCI

   JCI — Junior Chamber International

   JCI is a membership-based nonprofit organization of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 in more than 100 countries who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of our world. They develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. JCI members are active citizens from all sectors of society. JCI members embrace new ideas, collaboration and diversity.

   Our Philosophy

   As global citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities, as well as shared goals. Through active citizenship, we encourage young people to take responsibility for the local issues, and find targeted solutions that benefit our communities and the world. Through these solutions, JCI members take action to create sustainable impact, which ensures human security. Human security is the protection of an individual’s human rights while ensuring social, economic and environmental opportunity, development and well being for every individual and their communities. Guided by this passion to contribute to a better future, JCI members have the courage to tackle the critical challenges of our time.

   JCI Around the World

   With around 5,000 JCI Local Organizations in more than 100 nations, JCI forms a vibrant global community of nearly 200,000 active citizens. All members belong to a JCI Local Organization where they focus on finding solutions to issues in their community. Solutions that ensure healthy communities, drive economic empowerment and secure a sustainable world. The collective action of all JCI Local Organizations forms a global grassroots movement, empowering members to run international projects, exchange ideas and work together to develop new ways to create sustainable impact in their communities and around the world.

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