Programme for Senators and foreign guests in Naisiai!

   We welcome You to Minor Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2015, phenomenal village – Naisiai*.

   In Naisiai You will find synthesis of Nature and Culture. During the excursion You will visit museums of Baltic gods sculptures, Nesting-boxes and Naisiai village. You will get an eyeful of old Lithuanian horses – Zemaitukai. Moreover, You will participate in adventurous and interactive game.

   *Naisiai – it‘s the village located at Meskuiciai subdistrict, 17 kilometres away from Siauliai and 7 kilometres away from well known Hill of Crosses. There are about 550 inhabitants living in Naisiai. Today Naisiai is well known from TV serial „Naisiai Summer“, families festival  „Naisiai Summer“, that was arranged for 5 times already,  performances of „Naisiai Summer theatre“  and many other ongoing projects.

   Photos from „Naisiai Summer“ Facebook page.