Training “Business Success with Salsa Rhythm”

   Salsa – is much more than a dance, free­time activity or just a hobby. It is a lifestyle that inspires for great changes, goals and creativity. Latin music rhythm is very special, involving: ambience, movement, positive emotions into a new world free of worries, hardships, where you are artless who you are.

   Salsa and business success? It sounds incompatible. Do these two subjects have anything in common? Primary – they do not, however salsa implies several valuable principles.

   Rhythm is a nice metaphor combining business with a salsa dance. As it is important to hear the rhythm in the communication, to understand the mood of a customer, his/her personality, needs, same with salsa: hearing, feeling the music, accepting the leading of a man. Leadership is the best definition explaining both: strengthening relationships between the partners and willingness to understand each other better are one of the objectives for this training.

   5 active steps towards success:
1. Forget dancing lessons. Start dancing.
2. Don´t look at your feet. Look up!
3. Try out the novelties. Be flexible.
4. Fail gracefully.
5. Get to know your partner.

   Objective: To experience the power of a dance and to learn to apply one of the business success principles.

   Value of the training:
● to learn the connecting aspects of salsa and business.
● to apply and to experience one of the salsa success principles.
● to relax and to have an inspiring creative time.

   Training material is provided through practice and interactive exercises.

   Duration: 1,5 hours

   In English

   Jūratė Jurginytė

Jūratė Jurginytė

Active JCI member (2009 ­ 2010 JCI Sostinė, JCI Klaipėda, JCI Melbourne (guest member), (2011 ­ 2012 JCI Heilbronn­Franken, Germany) (2013 ­ current JCI Karlsruhe, Germany, VP International Contacts).
HR Consultant, Coach (Lifestyle), Trainer.
Trainer experience: Australia, Germany, Lithuania.
Fields of professional experience: Business Development, Online Marketing, Leadership
A big fan of salsa dancing
More: www.jj­


Aikido, Yoga and meditation workshop “The Highest Human Potential”

   Using the Japanese martial art Aikido, Yoga and meditation as different tools we will explore together the question of what it means to reach for our highest potential.

   Duration: 2 hours

   In English

   Rokas Leonavičius

Rokas Leonavičius

   Rokas Leonavicius has been practicing the martial art of Aikido for more than 10 years. He spent two years in Switzerland, Aikido Montreux Dojo learning the arts of Aikido, Yoga and meditation from the well known Sensei Patrick Cassidy. Here he has achieved his 2 degree black belt and became an instructor in Yoga and meditation. He has furthered his studies while travelling around different places such as India, Isreal and other various countries. Since 2012 Rokas opened his own Aikido, Yoga and meditation Dojo in Lithuania, Siauliai. He also continues to do various workshops on self-knowledge and development around the country.